Friday, July 15, 2005

Sencha Ariake

So yesterday I was in a rather posh tea store in Beverly Hills, looking at the teas they had available from Japan. I was happy to find they did have a cherry green tea (called Fleur de Geisha) but I was even more amused to find they had one called Sencha Ariake.

Apparently, the ariake green tea is a specific blend native to the Kyushu region, and the mildest of the high quality green teas. Kyushu being the most southern of the four main islands, most known as the island where Nagasaki is on the western tip.

I've actually been to Kyushu. Not to Nagasaki, but to the northern Kyushu city of Fukuoka/Hakata. I spent two weeks there to do my EFL instructor training. It's beautiful there.

But anyway, the reason that this amused was it makes it seem that I named Ariake after a tea.

I had often wondered where exactly I would say the legend of Ariake came from, as I didn't want it to necessarily be from the main island. Now, I think I may have it come from Kyushu.

See? Tea is a crucial element of the creative process.