Saturday, December 24, 2005

Meri Kurisumasu

Now, being a mainly Shinto-Buddhist nation, there's really no reason for Christmas in Japan. This "Jesus" kid doesn't play into it at all. They have latched onto Santa-san, who leaves presents for the younger children.

But what do the older couples do to celebrate presents?

Well, it's rumored that Tokyo Disneyland is a popular place to spend the day. Usually you and your significant other will go out to dinner, eat some fluffy cake, and then have sex.

That's right: eat cake and then have sex.

My friend Yukiko tried to explain it to me once as couples going out for dinner and exchanging presents. You know, like Valentine's Day.

It was only after I was in Japan for a few months that one of the girlfriends of a fellow native teacher expressed to us how upset she was that her boyfriend was going back home for Christmas. You see, she'd have no one to eat cake and have sex with on Christmas Day.

And it's that simple. Forget the angels harking on high. Forget decorating the tree, freezing your ass off caroling and feeling haunted by good-will and cheer shoved down your throat at every opportunity.

Instead, prepare for that wretched isolation that you usually don't have to start dreading until the beginning of February.

I hope you happy couples take some time to celebrate in Japanese style. Also, I hope the words "Christmas cake" will make you giggle when people say them, as they often cause me to.


Sorcha Chumomisto said...

!! fun!

is there a special kind of cake for christmas cake, or will any cake do?

KT said...


Or something. Shhh.

And belated happy christmassy type thing!

Sorcha Chumomisto said...

i have this vision of an anime girl in pink gogoboots and white and pink skimpy stripper style dress holding out a slice of cake, with the other hand on her hip, all power ranger like.

no, i don't make sense to myself either, most days.

c.rooney said...

I think I found the design for next year's holiday card. XD