Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Recently I commission Andrew Tunney, a super-talented friend of the super-talented KT to draw something for me. He had a choice between Shiro and Valentine.

He debated doing Val for a while, as both of us realized he'd do a very cool image.

He chose Shiro, based on the fact that NO ONE has been able to successfully draw Shiro, and Andy likes a challenge.

In my mailbox this morning was a sketch. It's one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. He nailed the character. Bang on perfect personality. Spooky, really, considering he's not read any of the text.

Seeing it cemented the character in my mind, too. I looked at it and went "yes, that's Shiro."

Bloody amazing.


Rachel Vincent said...

Hey, thanks. I've got my fingers crossed.

Tell me you're going to post the picture. I want to see the picture. I've always loved to see fan drawings of characters I've read about, and think it would be really cool to see some of my own characters some day.

I'm sorry about your family's bad fortune. I hope things look up soon.

c.rooney said...

Once that book is published we can all try to draw your characters Rachel!

I'll definitely either post the pic or have a link to where he's displayed it.

Sorcha Chumomisto said...

gods, chan. i'm sorry. i hope things start looking up soon.

and awesome 'bout the picture, i lookf forward to seeing it!

Robin Cynclair said...

I'm sorry for the family probs! But I want to see the pix, too!

Annette said...

sorry to hear about your sad loss.Sometimes, it feels like bad luck is forever knocking on your door,but it will go away.
That black cloud will
All the best.