Thursday, February 09, 2006


The bars slid shut with an omnious clank. Not the sleek swoosh of an automated door, but the spooky old-timey clank of doors that still insisted people shut them. It was dark, dingy in the cell. The cinderblock walls and unidentifiable smell made it strangely reminiscent of a college dorm.

Turning, the figure looked at the stern guard on the other side of the bars.

"Is this about those music downloads?" he tugged at his collar. "Because that's not illegal where I'm from."

The guard made a noncommittal grunt and began to walk away.

"No one informed me it was illegal here." The figure gripped the bars, pressing his face as close as he dared to them.

The sound of the guard's laughter reverberated off the stone walls.

The figure felt his heart sink. One last thing to try. "I have diplomatic immunity, you know."

His only answer was the slamming of another imprudent door.

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