Saturday, March 04, 2006

"Tell Us about Paris!" Day Five (Sunday)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Waking up, KT and I finished what we had left to pack. My uncles and Doug met us in the lobby, where we went out to Demoulin Patisserie and picked up some quiche laurene for breakfast. I put a tarte chocolat, an eclair cafe and a pain au chocolat in a box to take back with me on the plane.

We ordered coffee from the hotel, drank it with our quiche, and enjoyed a quiet, calm breakfast together before KT and I had to check out and get in a cab for the Charles DeGuaille airport.

Parting ways at Terminal 2, I was once again alone to navigate the airports back to home. Everyone in CDG made sure to inform me that my passport was going to expire soon. They are very concerned that I can't return. I was reminded by at least three people.

And those guys with the semi-automatics who were patrolling the Eiffel Tower? They patrol inside the gate areas at CDG as well. Really unsettling to see those kinds of guns out in the open. It makes you wonder if something's about to happen that you really don't want to know about.

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