Monday, April 10, 2006

KH2: Conclusion of Hollow Bastion War

19.? hours into the game.

Worlds passed through:
Prologue (with Roxas)
Twilight Town
The Tower of New Shiny Clothes
Hollow Bastion
The Land of Dragons
Beast's Castle
Brief return to H.B./100 Acre Wood
Olympus Stadium
Disney Castle
Timeless River
Another stop at 100 Acre Wood
Port Royale
Olympus Tournament 1
Twilight Town
Hollow Bastion
Hollow Bastion Heartless War

About to go to 100 Acre Wood

Worlds Remaining: 17
I'm guessing I'm halfway through the game.

Plot Points:
This is even more twisty and turny than the things I write.

I beat Demyx.

Ok. So then... Goofy gets hit on the head with a rock. And everyone makes it out like he's dead. I've seen cutscenes in music videos on and should have know Goofy wasn't dead, but I started to doubt. Because Sora was all upset and I trust the Cloudspawn to be able to tell when someone is dead as opposed to knocked out. Well, it turns out he either can't, or Donald and Goofy thought it would be funny to it like Goofy was dead.

This triggers Sora running off to kick some heartless butt. He gets trapped in four different areas, teamed up with a FF character to clear the area before moving on. First one is with Yuffie, second with Leon, third with Tifa, and the last one saw father and son spend a little quality time together. I can't find screenshots of it, probably because it goes by rather fast. Still, if anyone has seen a screenshot or knows how to get me one...please share because Sora and Cloud fighting together in their matching father son black ensembles is a thing of good.

Anyway, after the area with Cloud is cleared, and everyone finds out Goofy wasn't dead. Sora is left in a battlefield of heartless.

Can you say "oh...shit?"
No, not in a Disney game.

And you have to defeat 1000 of them. No drive, no allies, just Sora. It's actually a lot easier than I thought it would be, because I think I only attacked about 12 of them. The rest were taken care of by reaction-command prompts.

Anyway, it turns out it was all a set-up by Organization XIII says Axel. Who then apologizes about kidnapping Kairi. See, initially I didn't care for Axel, but he's won me over. I'm a fan of his character, especially now that the game has revealed new depth to it. Axel was about, I think, to explain just WTF is going on when the "nice" silver-haired nobodie appeared.

It turns out every time Sora gets pissed off and destrorys a heartless, it helps out Organization XIII. And he's all "aw... shit, I just killed like 1075 of them in the past twenty minutes alone." Well, he can't say that because he's in a Disney game, but I'm sure that's what he was thinking.

Lots of drama, at one point the poor kid gets down on hands and knees to beg to be taken to where Kairi and Riku are.

Of course, the "nice" Nobodie, who's really a jerk, says no. Plus, he's going to punish Axel for kidnapping her.

So a bunch of Nobodies appear and the Jerk's all "hahaha, suckers, fight 'em." And Maleficent shows up and is like "No way, bitch, Kingdom hearts is gonna be mine." She puts herself between Sora and the guy and all the Nobodies drag her down then move on to Sora. He does this classic Cloudspawn "what do I do if I can't use the keyblade?" and totally let's them pull him into darkness.

It was emo melodrama and I loved it.

The quality time must have mellowed Cloud out, because he not only cheered Squall up by saying Sora wasn't down for the count, he walked off smiling about Sora being "a lucky kid."

So in the World of Darkness or wherever Sora was yet another Org. XIII showed up with a box for Sora. In the box was a photo of the Twilight Town kids with Roxas included—spooky since no one remembers Roxas and he was taken out of all the photos. There was also one of those ice cream things that Roxas was constantly eating in the prologue.

Sora said that Roxas's name popped into his head, and he felt like the gift may have been from Riku. (I bet it was Axel.) The ice cream is the magic item that activates a road out of the darkness place back to the Gummi Ship. Whoo.

Screenshot from Kingdom Hearts Ultimania.

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