Thursday, April 06, 2006

KH2: More addictive than crack (condensed update)

I spent over 5 hours yesterday playing Kingdom Hearts II.

It started off as just testing the waters, then evolved into 'well, I'll just finish the prologue' (which is like 4 hours long, btw, but it has Roxas who gets to Solve Mysteries during one mini game, and that makes it all okay. Even if I kept waiting for him to break out into a serenade of Beautiful Soul.)

Roxas is so badass that one keyblade wasn't enough.
God love him. (I know I do.)

So as I finished the prologue, I had to say goodbye to Roxas. Heartbreaking because I was really starting to enjoy his character. After that, Sora—my favorite lovable dumbass—returned. I had to make him jump up and down a few times to ease the pain of Roxas being gone. Then I wanted to keep playing until Sora got new clothes:

Sora: Look out, guys, they're after our wallets!

Which are only marginally less stupid than his old ones:

Sora: Daddy is that you?

Ok, looking at them again: yes, the new clothes are just as stupid but at least he isn't running around in a red jumper anymore. He's still not as stylish as Roxas and Hayner:

Hayner: No, Roxas, my muscles are bigger.

However, I believe that Roxas and Hayner may use more hair product.

Speaking of... Perhaps y'all can be so kind as to help me decide:

Is Roxas more like...

Sora after a day at the stylist...

or a mini-Cloud Strife?

Post-title screen KH2 thoughts? Well, it's gone all Disney and I'm a lot less interested. (The prologue lacked any Disney except in the interspliced flashbacks.)

Images came from Kingdom Hearts Ultimania because I lack the ability to get my own screenshots. (They would have been much funnier.)


Sorcha Chumomisto said...

i think i am going to track down the first one as a birfday present for myself. because if you are goingto keep talking about it, i am going toget frustrated that i'm not at least playing something related to it. cause i'm like that.

let's see. right now i have a game in: ff-x, ffx-2, okage shadow king, summoner 1 and 2, AND i just borrowed ff-ix from a friend. [which my roommate is playing in the background, and very annoyingly picking out what he believes are plot holes when its actually just that he's a braindead idiot not paying attention to the story].

c.rooney said...

My discussion of it will probably be a running comentary of how it references FF7.

Like when we watch movies together. XD

I'm going to try not to devote too much time to it.

Sorcha Chumomisto said...

i miss going to movies with you. when are you coming for a visit? christmas?

c.rooney said...

I'm not sure. Hopefully later this summer. I have to go back to renew my visa.

It's all depending on when my new passport gets here.

Anonymous said...

*Hayner. xD

Chandra Rooney said...

You're right, thanks, it is Hayner. Why did I think it was Hayden? (I must have thought he was Vader.)