Sunday, April 09, 2006

KH2: Olde-Timey Disney

You have to check this out if you've seen the Spiderman movie. Even if you haven't played KH2, I think you'll still find it funny. The video quality is a bit poor in places, and it doesn't always sync, but when it does... priceless. Plus, then everyone can see why I keep going on about Roxas.

Who is Roxas?

Oh and if you'd perfer to see the Sora version...

Who is Sora?

11.25 hours into the game.

Worlds passed through:

Prologue (with Roxas)
Twilight Town
The Tower of New Shiny Clothes
Hollow Bastion
The Land of Dragons
Beast's Castle
Brief return to H.B./100 Acre Wood
Olympus Stadium
Disney Castle
Timeless River
Another stop at 100 Acre Wood

In Port Royal, but apparently I was meant to return to Olympus first. So I'll end up doing that one after.

Plot Bits:

Timeless River is the greatest world ever. Olde-Timey black and white Disney is far too much fun. It's just... I loved it. Really. I can't get over how much fun the game is, reliving Disney movies or not. Like I was telling my friend Hel yesterday, I haven't enjoyed a game this much in years.

Oh, the technicolor dreams of black and white people.

Everyone always goes "no it's not" when you try to compare games to books. Ok, they're not. But they do have some things in common. They're like... interactive books. Because you don't make the book happen, its plot is already there, but you feel like you have a part in it.

Writing video games would be so incredible. Think of all the fun designing the weapons and attacks. (Yeah, my fight scenes really do play out in my head like video games.)

I have to admit, 1-3 wouldn't be the coolest video games... there's not a whole lot of fighting or weapons upgrading. The more video game stuff I write has been shelved while I get the trilogy written, but I can't wait to get back to it.

Screen shot from Kingdom Hearts Ultimania

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