Monday, April 10, 2006

KH2: Plot Update part 1 (Port Royale to Hollow Bastion)

Port Royale didn't rock my world, which was unfortunate because I really enjoyed the PotC movie.

Mr. Depp, can I have your autograph?

While it was awesome to Sora "interact" with Captain Jack Sparrow, the majority of the dialogue was lifted from the movie and the characters all seemed a bit stiff. Like Orlando Bloom had given them "acting" lessons.

Sora's totally thinking
"I can't believe I paid money to see Kingdom of Heaven."

Also, there was no appearances from Org. XIII. Instead Sora learned a valuable lesson: not to trust pirates. Thus proving the makers of the game support ninja over pirate. The one thing I took from Port Royale of value was the keyblade you get when you beat it. It draws items on the field to you and when you hit stuff with it, Aztec Gold Skulls explode in the air. Because someone went "you know what kids like? SKULLS."

The Olympus tournament is a bit of a joke, you don't gain any
thing from playing it, but the game really wants you to waste the 10 minutes bashing stuff before you head off to Agrabah. Now, I like Aladdin. It was a cool movie. But when Genie spouts off this line about someone tell him if he's being just a big blue annoyance, I was ready to speak up.

The important thing is clearing Agrabah leads you to Twilight Town. But not before some cutscenes to remind you that there's a plot afoot.

That plot is Axel, coolest redhead by default because FFS it can't be Kairi, kidnaps Kairi.

Ok, I'm starting to see what the fangirls like about this guy.

But he's pretty suave about it. If you were going to be kidnapped by a creepy group of Nobodies, Axel's probably the one you'd be best off with. (Because Demyx would make you listen to his sitar rock.) Anyway, Kairi momentarily escapes to Twilight Town, but Axel comes and gets her before Sora makes it there.

Sora was too busy saving Seifer's butt. So instead of the girl, he gets that struggle tournament trophy. Which is weird because Roxas already won that trophy. I guess when they erase you from everyone's memories you lose your street cred.

Sad Sora makes me feel sad, too.

Of course now I've forgotten if they drop the trophy or if Sora dramatically throws it to the ground in a little Cloudspawn hissy fit, but it ends up on the ground and all the orbs roll out. So the three kids from T. Town pick up the orbs and Sora picks up the blue one. Deja vu, as Mickey returned the blue orb Ansem stole from Roxas to Sora. So Sora's already got one. You'd think that someone would remind him of that.

Nope, Goofy finds the orb, but decides not to go "Garwsh, Sora, that's just like the one the King gave us." Instead he mimics the kids who are all looking through their orbs at the sun. Donald feels very left out, and Sora fades into an image of Roxas holding the orb. This is either a reminder (since it's been like 10 hours) that Roxas had done this as well or that Sora is Roxas. You know, in case Sora overlaying Roxas's image in the prologue didn't clue you in and you've somehow missed Axel and Demyx calling him Roxas.

Anyway, Goofy ruins the moment by bring Sora back to reality. But, hey, at this point, I'm taking what few Roxas moments I get.

Screenshots from Kingdom Hearts Ultimania

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