Saturday, April 08, 2006

KH2: You knew there was going to be more, right?

Under 9 hours into the game. I should have played in standard mode so I'd keep dying and not want to continue.

Worlds passed through:

Prologue (with Roxas)
Twilight Town
The Tower of New Shiny Clothes
Hollow Bastion
The Land of Dragons
Beast's Castle
Brief return to H.B./100 Acre Wood

Currently on:
Olympius Stadium, about to go look for Meg in the underworld where I can't use magic or the drive option. (damnit.)

Still miss Roxas, but Sora has won me over.

I want to point out that multi-tasking the boss fights is frustrating. Ok, so not only are there X amount of little baddie heartless to avoid/smash, there's also a boss who keeps attacking you, and then some stupid task like "protect the gates by gathering orbs" or "quick while he's not looking run, run awaaaaaaay towards the exit." Only to find you can't go any further because you really do have to beat the boss.

Because it's not a pure RPG, I'm just getting confused by all the RPG elements. Why should I bother because I can't control what the other characters are doing with all the neat stuff I give to them? Do I really need to build a gummi ship, or read Jiminy's journal? These seem like extras, maybe to take away from how the plot isn't moving forward that quickly.

The Drive-option is amazing. I wish I'd thought to try it out sooner, but I didn't need to. (The curse of it.) Thus, it's not leveling up.

Stop reading if you don't want any plot specific info.





Ok, I left off at the beginning of Mulan world. Which had no appearances from Organization XIII. That means, annoyingly, the whole Roxas storyline has come to a standstill because Sora uh.... forgot(?) about the new enemies. Displaying, again that he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. However, he is—as a running joke—getting knocked on his ass by someone in each Disney world. Punched in Mulan land, thrown aside in Beast's castle, and the best—finger-flicked to the ground by Hades.

Other than the taunt by my new favorite member of Organization XIII (because he says "dude" and "as if" in true CA-style) there's been no Roxas or C.O.M plot references. Thus my comment about how the plot isn't moving forward. It's getting bogged down by reliving Disney movies. I mean, a member shows up again in Beast's Castle, but mainly to go "uh... fight those dudes Beast" and then vanishes. He could have at least messed with Sora's head a little, too.

It still worries me that Goofy is the smartest member of the trio.

Auron showed up in the underworld, as badass as ever. He's all like "oh maybe you need a guardian" to Sora (like Tidus was to Yuna or Auron was to Yuna and her Dad whose name I've forgotten.) Sora's all like "no thanks" and walks off. Because he's 15 and that's what 15 year olds do.

So yeah, two very enjoyable moments so far in this world. I'm hoping Auron returns, because he's cool. No sign yet of Sora's Dad—I mean Cloud. I'm also wondering where Riku is, but I imagine if he shows up it will be overly dramatic.

At least there haven't been any more cut scenes of Kairi.


Sorcha Chumomisto said...

yuna's dad was braska.

c.rooney said...

Right! Now I remember. Thanks.