Saturday, July 01, 2006


This is the 250 entry I submitted for the Midnight Road short fiction contest. It's very odd and very different in subject matter from what I usually write.

+ Fetish +
By C. Rooney

"It's blurry."

"Of course, it is, Jack. This cheap ass digital camera ain't worth shit. Don't worry about that. I can fix it with photoshop."

"Not when it's this blurry."

"Aw, shut it. Never mind the focus. Just tell me what you see."

"Wires. Clouds. A power pole." Jack hesitates. "Maybe you should take it again, Keith."

Keith wrenches the camera away.

"There," he points. "Look at that."

The LCD screen is smeared by his careless fingerprint. Clouds and vibrating electrical lines intersect. One arm a top the crooked pole penetrates the white patches ringed by the proverbial silver linings.

"You should get a tripod," Jack says. "Keeps the camera steady. That's what my photography professor told me."

"Just look at the goddamn picture," Keith snarls. "Is that too much to ask?"

Jack's brow furrows. "What am I looking for?"

Keith turns away, so he can be alone with the perverted pleasure of the preview, a pornography that's lost on his brother.

Jack used the camera last night to take pictures of their neighbor, Amanda Jensen, in nothing but her pink panties. Digital zoom providing six megapixels of schoolboy bliss. He could have put it on his myspace page, if Keith hadn't erased the memory card in preparation for tonight's adventure into power pole porn.

"Keith?" Jack asks.

"You're blind as you are ugly." Keith voice drips with disdain, as he turns off the camera and tucks it in his pocket. "We're done here. Let's go."