Monday, August 28, 2006

WorldCon 2006 Recap: Friday

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig. Ok, I was actually home last night. We left around 4:00. (No, I did not go to the closing ceremonies.) Let's do a little overview, and I plan to do separate posts of information gleaned from the panels—which I kept mistakingly referring to as "seminars" all weekend.

The arrival to the Anaheim Hilton was delayed. Not wishing to enter "Culture Building 101" halfway through, and not entirely sure where to find it, instead I went to the dealer's room with hopes of finding Edge Publications.

The dealer room was large, packed with people, and reminded me a little of the pre-Christmas Arts and Crafts sales held in the arena of my various Canadian hometowns. There was that sort of feel to it. Artisans hawking their wares, the promise of finding a distinct, hand-crafted treasure. Except this was the first Arts and Craft Sale I've ever been to that had people in Star Trek uniforms.

I managed to locate Edge via spotting a large poster for Rebecca K. Rowe's Forbidden Cargo. If you have not read this book, open a new browser window and go order it off Amazon. It remains one of my most-loved reads this year. (Ok, it's sharing the spot with Charles de Lint's Widdershins and Sophia Kinsella's The Undomestic Goddess.)

The wonderful people at the Edge booth made this convention. I have never felt so welcome. It was much like visiting family. Ok, in the back of your mind you start to wonder if you're distracting them from other important tasks like doing the laundry, but it's hard to leave such a friendly and inviting atmosphere. So thank you to Brian and Anita Hades for being such gracious hosts.

Anita introduced me to my roommate, Heidi Lampietti the editor at Red Jack Books.

I spoke with Lynda Williams, whose actions revealed some important insights into promotion: just be yourself. Lynda's passion for her Okal Rel Saga and readiness to discuss it with anyone was one of the key reasons that I decided to give her first book, The Courtesan Prince, a try.

Brian appeared shortly after that, and we had a wonderful conversation. Let me tell you, there is no bigger confidence boost than when someone seems excited to find out you brought them a synopsis.

Brian introduced me to Rebecca K. Rowe. She's probably one of the coolest authors I've met. Not only has she been to Japan, but she's lived in Paris, too. Go read Forbidden Cargo, because she's working on the sequel.

I did make it to one panel Friday: The Business of Writing. After that, I ate some delicious sushi at the sushi bar in the Hilton.

The Masquerade was ok. Some beautiful costumes.

A brief stop by the Anime Room afterwards made the raw children's anime party look good. That was the party where the only people who weren't staying in the room or friends of the person staying in the room, was my friend for the evening, Kara, and I.

Then we stopped by the takoyaki party. That's...uh...fried squid-tentacle thingies.

Hang on, a little backstory: I hate squid balls. Imagine putting something in your mouth that's soft and vaguely tastes of egg, only to crunch into a devious hunk of squid tentacle that's lurking in the center.

I now hate takoyaki for a whole other reason. Being handed something with no warning that putting it in your mouth will sear your flesh is not very nice, Daicon 07.

Aren't you guys thrilled that I make myself look stupid on a regular basis? Who else provides you with such exquisite writing material?

Highlights of Friday:
1) Meeting Rebecca K Rowe and Lynda Williams
2) Seeing the lovely people of Edge
3) Sushi
4) Beautiful costumes at the Masquerade
5) Being informed that I was the "most normal person" someone had met all day.


Lynda said...

Hi C. Thanks for the mention. Sadly, I just don't know how to be anyone but myself. :-) You got that right! The Edge people are lovely aren't they -- uh, we? I guess authors count. Drop by Reality Skimming now and then to check up on the Okal Rel Universe enterprise. That's at or google for "reality skimming" Love to talk writing with you. Or you can e-mail me at

c.rooney said...

Lovely to meet you, too, Lynda. Best of luck with your Saga. :)