Monday, August 28, 2006

WorldCon 2006 Recap: Saturday

Saturday started out right: with a vanilla latte.

Oh, and Saturday I hunted clues and tried to solve the mystery of "why do I keep getting bored halfway through all certain panels and not others?" I solved that mystery Sunday.

The first panel was "Is 'Realistic Fantasy' an Oxymoron?" I thought it meant realistic fantasy as in contemporary/modern fantasy/urban fantasy/mythic realism. Um... not really, no. 3/5 panelists had never written any modern fantasies and wanted to discuss people not having done their research about medieval medicine. Tim Powers and Ellen Klages, who had written urban fantasy, were funny. David Keck was also very entertaining.

The next panel was "Editing: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly." I thought this would be about the editing process—a "how to," if you will. It was more a gossip session about editors and writers. A little bit of information, but one really had to search. That's ok, because of two things:

1) As Peter S Beagle signed my copy of The Last Unicorn, his girlfriend told me I had a pretty name.

2) I got to introduce myself to Betsy Mitchell, an editor at Del Rey. Once she realized I wasn't going to try to stick a manuscript in her hands—do your research, people! Del Rey doesn't take unsolicited manuscripts—she was cool about answering a few questions I had regarding the Del Rey submission process. (Yes, via Agents only. Yes, the agent should know which editor to address the submission to. Yes, they're doing original English language manga. Yes, an anime influenced novel sounds interesting and would be something they might want to look at.)

Oh, this was also the panel were some obnoxious man who smelt like he'd not showered since arriving at the Con (Wednesday) came in late and decided he should sit next to me. Then that, fifteen minutes later, he should leave. Then that, twenty minutes after that, he should return and proceed to fall asleep during the panel. Were it not bad enough that I was almost sitting in the aisle to prevent him from sleeping against me, he snored. Just as I thought that the panel needed to end or I was going to stab him with my pen, he woke up and began to obnoxiously contradict and "correct" the panelists during the last few questions they answered. Of course, he was ignored.

The afternoon panel I attended was "The Care and Feeding of the Creative Process." It offered some good info, but not really anything I hadn't already heard in college or from other writers. Notes about this panel:

1) Laura Ann Gilman is a riot.

2) There was a mini-panel held previous to the panel between some of us in the audience. A new writer had come with hopes of getting advice. At the end of our mini-panel, she informed me that I'd given her better advice than the official panelists.

After this, I stopped by the Trailer Park, to check out all the movie trailers they were offering. I was gifted a pack of Scientology—I mean L. Ron Hubbard playing cards upon entering. Movie trailers of note:

1) Flushed Away—by the folks who did Wallace & Grommit
2) Ratatouille—a movie about a gourmet-loving rat in Paris.
3) The Prestige: Batman and Wolverine duke it out to be the greatest magician in um...olde-timey time. Batman can do real magic, Wolverine can't. I'm going on record right now: I declare the twist to be Christian Bale is a demon. Surprise me, movie. It'd be nice if something could.
4) Spiderman 3: I swear this was longer on the internet.
5) Transformers: Not just robots in disguise. Robots in disguise living on Mars!
6) Neil Gaiman's Stardust is going to kick ass.

It was dinner with my roommate and two of her friends after that, and no, I did not go to the Hugos. Instead I went to the Asian Film room and watched the majority of Death Trance. Which is a $3 million beautifully constructed cinematic Japanese bit of action swordplay that I think was about a coffin containing the goddess of destruction. It kind of had a non-ending, but hey, it was pretty to watch and had good-looking Japanese men. And um... vampire ninja spider monster thingies. Watch it sometime if you have a chance to see it for free. It's a good 2 hours of mindless entertainment, which I needed.

Oh, and I rode the elevator up with one of the women from the award-winning Harmony and Discord Masquerade ensemble (that was the fairy girls with the fantastic butterfly wings.) Let me just say, her costume up close was amazing. She was the one with the black and white harlequin-esque one, complete with mask and blue wig. Really lovely person, too, she said they never expected to win, they just wanted to put something together to have on stage.


Vicki Pettersson said...

Dude. I was with you in the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Missed you, and - thankfully - the smelly guy.

c.rooney said...

Really? Oh no.... :(

I was the girl in the bright pink t-shirt who was practically sitting in the aisle of the second row on the... left.

Too bad. I wish I'd looked a little harder. Did you have a good time?

Vicki Pettersson said...

I did, but I wasn't there for the whole conference. Just popped in, then went to the beach. {g}

c.rooney said...

Sounds like a good time. :)