Monday, August 28, 2006

WorldCon 2006 Recap: Sunday

Cons are exhausting.

That's a note for y'all. If you ever want to meet me at a con, try to do it within the first day of my arrival. Unless it's the hypothetical situation where I'm a panelist and you want a book signed. Then show up whenever. In fact, if the hypothetical situation occurs and I am a panelist in the future, I want the power to invite someone fanatical enough to dress as one of my characters to join the panel.

I think a cosplay posse would be fantastic. (Anyone looking for ideas for the 2007 masquerade? Boy, have a got an ensemble of characters for you. Several sets, actually.) Scary, yes, but fantastic.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Sunday. Right. My friend Rae came out to WorldCon for the day. Here's her blog about it. I think she accurately describes my mental state at 9:00 am Sunday morning.

The first panel we attended together. It was "What is it about Buffy?" It was an interesting panel, but the panelists had already been set a prepared set of questions by the moderator so it operated more like a lecture. Still it was well-done, and brought up a lot of thought-provoking points. I would consider it an example of a good fan panel.

Afterwards, Rae and I parted ways. She went to the Firefly panel and I went to the Battlestar Galatica panel. Unfortunately, the BSG panel served as my example of a bad fan panel. It started well, with a trailer for season three and the disclosure that not all of the characters were going to make it to season four. Then the floor was opened up for questions.

Eugenia Home came wearing her uniform
recreated from the original BSG series.

Now, for a show with such intelligent writing, there were some really odd questions being asked. If you ever find yourself a Q & A fan panel, I suggest you sit close to the stage so you can see the looks the panelists give each other before they try to answer questions like:

1) When they get to Earth, will there be a conflict between their polytheist society and our monotheist society?

2) Since the first show was really black and white about who was the bad guys and who was the good guys and this show is very gray, don't you think with all the threats of today the show should be more black and white about who are the bad guys and who are the good guys?

3) Where are the accountants and auditors in the show? I want to see a Cylon auditor show up on New Caprica and give someone an audit. That would make the show real for me.

I would just like to point out that these were all very serious questions. If the third was meant to be a joke, the poser of the question really needs to work on their delivery.

After our panels, I took Rae to the Dealer's room to meet Brian Hades. That sparked a lovely conversation which caused us to miss the other panels we planned to see, but I think it was well worth it. That's what cons are supposed to be about, aren't they? Have interesting conversations with interesting people?

Rae and I concluded our day by attending a K.A. Bedford reading from Hydrogen Steel. It sounds interesting and he did an excellent job of reading.


Sorcha Chumomisto said...

those battlestar galactica questions made my brain ache. and i've never seen a single episode of the show.

the more driving concern i have is why you didn't go with your frined to the firefly panel. different strokes for different folks, i suppose.

Sorcha Chumomisto said...

you know, i even tried correcting the typoed friend.