Tuesday, September 19, 2006


" Today's birthday (Sept. 19). This year, the universe
gives you a positive push -- plenty of "atta boy" and
"you can do it" just when you need it. One goal takes
precedence over the rest in October. You may decide to
move after the holiday season. New work horizons offer
more of what you need. You have fortifying connections
with Cancer and Libra people. Your lucky numbers are:
14, 10, 2, 19 and 5. "

Hmm... does that mean I should start picking agents to query by their sign? Because I'd seriously like some "atta girl"s from someone with the authority to make things happen.

I'm turning 25 every year from now on. People make a big deal about that quarter-century mark.

My friend Rae stopped by at 9 am to drop off a present: a lovely white-rose bangle from Tarina Tarantino and a hardcover notebook. The notebook cover is adorned with Andy Warhol's impossible shoe designs, and the inside features drawings of those lovely fashionistas from the 50s. There's something highly ironic about the whole thing.

A lovely vase of irises appeared on my desk. Cards, emails and phone calls from family members. My Dad and step-mom had balloons delivered, which sounds silly but was delightful nonetheless. Plus, they surprised with a box of six gourmet chocolate-dipped strawberries and four chocolate dipped cookies.

It occurred to me that, despite all the crap my family's been through since my last birthday, I had a good year. A really good year. Maybe all that trauma was necessary to help better appreciate the good times.

I finished two manuscripts in the past 365 days.

Yeah, it doesn't seem like a lot. You hear a lot about writers who can write two books in six months or two months. But these two manuscripts mean a lot to mean. Before them, I'd never finished anything that I felt was worthy of being published. There was manuscripts and stories that my friends enjoyed reading, but they weren't "novel good."

There's still a lot of work to do, but they're better than what I've written before. More importantly, they're complete. I did it, and if no one but me appreciates that, it's okay. Because it was my goal to finish the second manuscript before my 25th birthday and I did.

Of course, this isn't the end. There's still plenty more goals I have to meet and a multitude of things I want to do.

So, here it is, my next big goal: I want to be published before I turn thirty.

Well, really, I want to be published before I turn twenty-five-and-a-half, but one should be realistic about the time frame for these things. ^_~


Rachel Vincent said...

Ha! That was my goal too. Published before 30. I'm just barely going to make it, and I started writing the month before I turned 26.

It took me 18 months and three books (I'd written a fourth, too) to get an agent. I sold two months later. That was eight months ago, and my first book won't come out for another nine months. The month I turn 29.

It always seems to take longer than you think it will, but I think five years is totally doable.

Good luck!

And happy twenty-fifth!

Sorcha Chumomisto said...

its technically not your birfday anymore, but i've never been what you would call 'on the ball' so: happy birfday, love!

i'm gald that your 25th turned out so wonderfully! [gald is like glad, but even better]

c.rooney said...

Thanks Sarah!

Rachel, you're one of the reasons I think it is possible. Thanks for the encouragement.