Thursday, September 28, 2006

Meditations on priorities

So I've been polishing on The Rainy Season, and working on another little short story idea.

See, burnout and I have been flirting for the past month, and as much as I'm excited for FH3 and as badly as I want to write it, I need to pause before I jump into it. Polish book 1, work with the feedback I'm receiving for book 2. I was trying to edit book 1 a few days ago, and I just made a mess of things by over-editing.

When I started writing it was because I enjoyed doing it. The only reason I started thinking about publishing was because someone said I was good at writing. But somewhere along the way, enjoyment stopped being the primarily reason that I wrote. It became about making it a career. About it being the road to fame and fortune.

That's what LA does to you. You watch people walk around with stars in their eyes, and the words "I'm going to be famous" on their lips. You see how their cluster at Formosa Cafe, or Jones, or The White Lotus—dressed head to toe in black and trying to prove that they're somebody.

It's time to stop feeling pressured and intimidated by agents who get hundreds of queries a day. It's time to stop feeling left out or behind or whatever. It's time to stop being so worried about getting published and get back to what was important: telling a story.

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Sorcha Chumomisto said...

between glasses breaking and my schedule being mucked around with this week, i will be late with getting commentses to you.

breaks are important. :)