Thursday, October 19, 2006

Disneyland Halloween Fest

Yesterday, we went to Disneyland, as the park has been decked out for Halloween. I had never seen the Haunted Mansion's Holiday Fantasy—where the ride is redecorated in its Nightmare Before Christmas holiday theme. Very, very cool. The audio track is changed as well to match up with the story of Sandy Claws. I also wanted to see the newly redone Pirates of the Carribean, which features 3 Cap'n Jack Sparrows and a Barbosa, as well as Davy Jones from the second movie. All they have to do is replaced that banjo picker at the start with the Voodoo Priestess.

Cap'n Jack at the end of the ride.

Most of photos inside the rides didn't turn out, but I've included lots of outdoor decor shots.

In fact, the only ride that the photos did really turn out was It's a Small World (Of TERROR!), and most of those are of various bizarre/racist puppets that plan to kill me in my sleep.

We've also got several photos of us wearing funny hats and/or using the various outdoor decor for funny photos, but I'm not sure how many of you want to see Dumbo trying to stick his trunk up someone's butt....

Onwards, to the Halloween-y time!

It's gourd-tastic!

Usually you can't even see the street of the Main Street area because of all the people. Yesterday was not a busy day. See that dark poster? It's advertising Donald Duck & Steve Martin doing a show together. Oh, Steve Martin, how far you've fallen... you're teamed with a comedy partner who doesn't wear pants.

Giant winking Mickey pumpkin... eating my hand. Don't look into the eye! Don't look into the—wait, hang on, that was the Indiana Jones ride... never mind.

All the residents have been turned into pumpkins!

And if we don't win this hand, we'll join them....

Ooh, someone's redecorated.

This one features not only Jack as my Pumpkin Hat, but the cool costumes the ride operators and greeters get to wear. Check it out—he's got the same bowtie as Jack.

This is the inside display as you get on the black sleighs. There's a lot of lead up in the mansion, complete with the "growing" room and the gallery of shifting paintings.

Ideally we would have gotten the Jack Skellington from inside the Mansion. To be honest, we did, but Disney has this little rule about no flash photography—seriously they announced over the audio track while we were on the ride because someone a few "black sleighs" ahead of us was using their flash. I think I have a video of when we went by Sandy Claws and he asked if I'd been good this year, but I haven't managed to get it off my camera yet.


Rae said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun!

Sorcha Chumomisto said...

that picture of you and jim playing cards is a riot. it looks like he's more interested in stealing the pumpkin man's cowboy shirt.

c.rooney said...

I'll have to send you the one of him and Dumbo.

rae said...

I LOVE the new avatar!

Robin Caroll said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing. It's like I got to have a "mini" vaction.

c.rooney said...

You're welcome, Robin. We're planning to return before Christmas, so I should be able to get some Christmas decor photos, too. Apparently Disneyland goes all out for the holiday season.

Rae, haha, I realized today that I've got the hat on the wrong way... XD

rae said...


It's cute anyway!