Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I don't care what anyone in Edmonton says. It's damn bloody cold here. :D

Today, well technically tomorrow, is Canadian Thanksgiving. Which is a celebration of the harvest and not pilgrims, because very few people are harvesting in November.

Enough of my silly complaints, though, because I really did miss fall. All the leaves, the amazing Alberta skies—seriously, you might think you've seen the sky, but nothing can compare to the color of Canadian sky blue. It's vivid, luminous—alive.

Speaking of colors, you guys should see the leaves here. Gold, red, orange. They're gorgeous! I won't be cliche and say that the trees and hills look like they're on fire. They don't. They look like they're made of light.

Anyway, gotta go, but I hope you're all having a wonderful thanksgiving and/or Columbus day weekend.

And thank you all for your support and friendship over the past year. :)

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Sorcha Chumomisto said...

happy turkey day!