Thursday, September 28, 2006

Los Angeles

This is a story for you about Los Angeles.

LA is an ambitious city:
whispered promises of backdoor deals—
reward without having to earn it.
Everyone searches for their Walk of Fame,
Looking for Someone Famous.

He dresses in chic black,
and sunglasses hide his inhuman eyes.
Those aren't stars in yours,
but a blood thrall as you drift closer,
drawn to one who exhales empty promises.

"I'll make you a star,"
he breathes.
"I'll put you in the pictures."
Then his knife-teeth are in your throat,
and you're in pictures of the dreamless dead.

1 comment:

Christina Rundle said...

Freaky! This gave me chills. Is this one of the stories you are working on? I like the idea you have. Los Angeles is the perfect place for predators and victims. . . obviously. The way you set this up, the possibility for it is endless and you know, I think everyone at some time in their life has these ideas about California being full of promises and full of dread.

Happy Writing