Thursday, February 01, 2007

I watched them closely pt 1

Created from a prompt for a writing exercise.

Character name: Kim Bennett (14)
Year: 1999

I remember Jason Thompson, when boys had just begun to be cool. But never boys our age. Older boys. A year, maybe two. Older boys who noticed girls—noticed us dancing in a group to Three Doors Down sing about Superman's weakness. The world around us worried about Y2K, but all we knew was that someone said the microwave might not work come next January. Which would suck, because how would we make pizza pops? They didn't fit in the toaster, and the oven took too long.

But who could worry about bugs eating the telephone wires when there was Jason to think about.

I remember when he first noticed me—eyes like fudgesicles—at the dance, with Karen and Lizzie and Mel and me staying close to Amanda, because she was supposed to move. And then there'd only be four.

Jason did his hair like Brad Pitt. But better, because none of us would ever meet Brad Pitt.

But when I first noticed Jason was when he came up to me, and stole me away from my friends with the two words that changed my life: wanna dance?

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Rachel said...

I like that one. What was the question that you were supposed to answer?