Thursday, February 01, 2007

I watched them closely pt 3

Created from a prompt for a writing exercise.

Shiro, 1999

I watch them closely. His hand on the curve of her back, the sweat wafting in the air. Hers: vanilla and baby powder. His: musky, feral—inhuman. Her eyes glassy. His hungry and reflecting back the dim glow from over the stage.

Oh, Kim, you idiot. You sweet, trusting idiot. Why, of all the oversexed and cologned males here, did you choose him? This predator in varsity skin; a wolf in human's clothing.

Can't you see the edge of his teeth as they flash? Can't you feel his hand too tightly against your wrist for such a slight grip?

And I can hear him over this cacophony—I hate this song. Over the thunder of voices and rumble of movement. He's asking you to go outside. To leave the warmth of familiar shadows and the sanctity of the lemon-scented linoleum and metal-tang lockers.

But you say yes. Because you know no better. Because you should never have to know better. And I'll have to stop you—save you. You'll hate me for it now. Hell, probably for a long time. And I'll hate that I can never explain. Never give the honest answer when your eyes tear and your voice cracks, as you demand to know why. Why I did it. Why I always get in the way. Why I ruin everything.

I wish I could tell you the reason. I wish I could lie and give any reason but the truth.

It's because he's a monster, Kim. A monster just like me.


Rachel said...

Dude! He really is a teenage werewolf!

Rachel Vincent said...

I liked all three of these. I admire the ability to write short, yet get so much across the reader. I've never really tried it.

So, what were the assignments?

c.rooney said...

One of the things about being timed/knowing that I have a word limit, is I simplify what I want to accomplish in the scene. It seems much easier to do simple, short scenes well.

And I totally cheated, because these are well-established characters to me. That makes it much easier to write them.

I should put the assignment details in the exercises...

Christina Rundle said...

Goose bumps. I like how this is set up. Maybe if you geta chance you can expand on it.

c.rooney said...

I hope to, Christina. (This was all prep work for a piece I'd like to write involving when Shiro and Kim first met. Except that won't take place at a school dance and the characters will be slightly older.)