Thursday, February 08, 2007

Red, for Hel

Created from a prompt for a writing exercise.

It’s not red. Not really. Red hair—naturally red hair—is copper, strawberry blond or auburn. Not red. Not like the colors I used for him: scarlet, crimson, Tuscan, poppy, cherry, and vermillion. Add in a touch—just a bit—of copper to build the highlights. Purple, black, navy, and a hint of the grey in his sweater for deep, living shadows.

Don’t forget the eyes—used gold and amber there, so a quick, vivacious brushstroke of each in the highlights.

Build and layer the colors. Make two-dimensions seem like three. Make flat, digital color mimic thick, glorious oils. Make his hair strands, not just a cel-shaded helmet.

But I never got to the oil painting section. I only did acrylics. Still, one can love impressionists through acrylics. Through pencils. Through photoshop’s default brush. It’s the movement, the life and energy in the brushstrokes.

Van Gogh wanted to capture a moment—to make time tangible in sunburst orange. Now, I make imagination hyper-real in swatches numbered because I didn’t take the time to name them.

A digital painting for my online friend’s birthday. I called it “Red,” but really, it wasn’t.


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I like this, it's nicely written and interesting to see the perspective you have on how you colour. :)