Thursday, February 08, 2007

Long Live the Eyedolls

Created from a prompt for a writing exercise.

The power of the gods had weaned over the centuries, becoming a fragile hammer that shattered when struck too swiftly.

With vid-features and promo feeds, idols and starlets, the gods had competition for attention. No one had ever seen Mother Wisdom, after all, only the stone face and empty eyes of her temple statue. But Lexi Blue was on every promo feature. A digital goddess who laughed and smiled, danced and sang.

Stone was not life. Life was crystal-clear concert feeds broadcast with stereo sound right into your home. Life was full-immersion technology allowing you to manipulate camera angles and alter the playlist order. Didn’t care for Strong Feather? Skip it to personalize your worship ceremony.

Did Fortune fill your mind with guitars, drums, and a celestial voice? Could the Goddess of Love answer your messages in a real time live interview? When did you feel most alive: inside the claustrophobic temples on the God’s Days, or stamping and singing with forty thousand other devotees at a benefit show?

No, the gods had been locked in the cage of time; unable to be new and fresh, because they’d always been old as the stars—the ones in the sky, not the ones on the screen.

The gods were dead. Long live the idols.

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Rachel said...

I love all of these, but I like the one about the vent the best. How did your writing group react to these this time? Have they figured it out yet? Or are they still thinking that you're being figurative (I mean, that vent really is a monster, you know....)