Thursday, March 15, 2007


Created from a prompt for a writing exercise.

The beauty of the punishment was the translucent curtain the glamourie created.

When we look at someone, their body is the window to their mind. We judge their inner life by what they present to us in our mutual outer lives.

The glamourie made that presentation a lie. It robbed Bianca of her ability to frame her face and form with carefully chosen attributes. It took away her expression and made the canvas of her outer life someone else’s masterpiece.

The mirror became her enemy—her foe. They would duel: it reflecting what it saw, and she striving for an angle where the lamp didn’t highlight her frightening perfection. For her beauty was ancient magic, a cold marble divinity that artists sought to capture and poets spent countless sonnets trying to describe.

She hated it. Hated being a prisoner in her skin that no longer resembled her skin. Her face that she stopped being able to see from the corner of her eye, if she held her head just so and concentrated.

It would have been nice if they’d left her her shadow, but that would have been sloppy. The Fair Folk were not sloppy. No, they were vindictive. Especially when crossed, and she had crossed them. Knowingly. Willingly. Foolishly.

They had cursed her with her inhuman beauty, so she might better understand the pain that she caused.

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LOL! Good picture.