Thursday, March 15, 2007

Character study

Created for a writing exercise.

Candy was the girl you hated in high school. Blonde, beautiful, and deliciously clever. The girl who wealth and privilege clung to like bonfire smoke, soaking into her hair, clothes, and pores. But with enough washings everything fades. At twenty-seven, Candy was slowly coming to realize her sense of entitlement didn’t have the same influence it had had at cheer camp.

“It’s not that I can’t,” Joanna said, snapping her pink bubbalicious. “I don’t want to.”

“Please?” Candy asked, the word like mystery meat in her mouth. “It’s a really important appointment—”

“I’m, like, going shopping,” Joanna said. “That’s way important.”

With a bounce of her blonde ponytail, the seventeen-year-old sauntered off, as she led Mr. Buttons—a small Jack Russell terrorist—toward the waiting room.

Candy looked at her chipped manicure, the French tip had been marred by an excitable Dalmatian, and realized that she hated Joanna. Hated her with every fiber of her being. What had the world come to that she, Candy Benson, had gone from head cheerleader to assistant dog groomer?

For all the Juicy Couture-wearing bitch knew, Candy had an appointment to check on a suspicious lump that had been found in her left breast. Shopping was not more important than possible breast cancer—not that Candy had a lump in either of her breasts, or that Joanna had bothered to ask. That was the problem, Joanna didn’t care enough to inquire so that Candy could have tested her Oscar-winning performance, while cleverly hiding that she’d really just managed to finally get an appointment with the stylist all the celebrities were raving about.

Candy glared, as she willed split ends and dark roots on Joanna’s perky ponytail. Hopefully the little twerp would unknowingly buy a Chinese knock-off and be laughed out of homeroom by the cheerleader with the real Gucci.

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Rachel said...

LOL! When Cheerleaders Grow Up.....