Friday, March 02, 2007

Freewrite exercise

Created from prompts for a writing exercise.

YESTERDAY, MY NAME WAS change. Winds blew me to your door. Cold winds. And you stood inside, wrapped your sweatered arms around yourself, and begged for me to enter. Bring the warmth, you asked. Implored. But you didn’t hear me answer “gladly.”

Hugging yourself, you let the curtain fall back over the window. Velvet kissing the emptiness between us. You never opened the door, and I knocked many times. I stood, lips blue, breath crystallizing, but you never answered.

You, who called me from the warm place by the hearth, begging and pleading, and swearing oaths to any god who’d listen. You said you wanted me. You said you were ready. So why didn’t you let me in?

Clouds across the moon tonight, and I am in their shadow. Glance, but you won’t see me. Not in a mirror. Not from the corner of your eye. You won’t see me.

It was cold on your doorstep, y’know. It was colder still in knowing you were so close. I could taste you. Breathe in your cologne.

Know TOMORROW MY NAME WILL BE vengeance. I’ll dress in my warmest coat, tie my hair back, and creep to your house. I know where you hid the spare key. After letting myself in, I’ll look at all those memories you hung on your walls, and I’ll replace them with the doubts you hid. (I saw them behind the shoebox on the top shelf of your closet.) Sheet upon sheet of printed words that shame you with their comma splices and awkward syntaxes. (What is the plural form of syntax?) Those characters that never developed. The relationships they fostered that you abandoned before the climax.

And, oh what a climax it would have been when she revealed that “SECRETLY, I KNOW MY NAME IS Countess Von Landerkiss, and all of this belongs to me.” She was going to oust those interlopers and who had wrongly seized her family fortune. The money would help to set-up a charity to get pretty sweaters for abandoned Chihuahuas.

You gave up on chick lit when you decided it was beneath you to write it. Only serious, thought-provoking words were good enough to fill your tome—the one that you were certain would change the world.

Well, you know what? I liked Countess Von Linderkiss and her little dogs. And who’s the muse here, you or me? That’s right, me. So how about you start listening again?


Karen Mahoney said...

I absolutely love this one! Beautiful, in places. Fantastic last paragraph, too - made me smile :)

Rachel said...

LOL! I liked this one.

Christina said...

This is amazing. Most people can't make a quick paragraph that is full of life and excitement. It's amazing to think you did this in 15 minutes. You know you have so much you can make into stories. Keep going! I know you will, but some of these quick writes would make such wonderful stories and you need to follow that because the concepts are so interesting.