Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My friend Alice in Fussa-shi, who has already offered to meet me at the airport and is letting me crash on her floor for 4 nights, came through with contact info for my friend Yukiko. Now, Yukes and I have spoken for a couple years, as we lost touch. I'd been exhausting my networking skills trying to find her and get back in contact, but her parents seem to have moved from our hometown.

Yukes is the whole reason I ever went to Japan the time. My application to teach there was because she was still doing it, and I always think one of the big reasons I was hired was because both the recruiters knew her. And when I sent an email saying I would love to see her, she wrote back almost instantly to say she'd love to see me, too.

Why am I telling you this? I don't know. Maybe to circulate something positive. Maybe to point out that the internet can be a good thing. Maybe to share a couple examples of the strength of the bond that can form between ex-pats. Or maybe just because I was reminded yesterday that true friends are ones who you feel like you never ended the conversation, it just picked-up again the next time.


Rachel said...

Glad you found Yukiko!

Christina said...

You'll have such a good time and when you come back you can tell me about it because it looks like I'm going. I can't weasle out of it, everyone is saying, "You've wanted this too long to grow yellow."

I'm glad you found her.