Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Disneyland & Gwen Stefani

RT Conference? Pfft. Forget that, everyone knows the real fun was here in CA!

(I stole these from Jim's Blog.)

The crew was Jim, Rachel O, Christina, Emory, and myself.

Christina was screaming "OMG OMG" before the Tower of Terror even started.

We were there because it was Rachel O's birthday.

Although, Jim was the princess. (Apparently.)

Even Emory put on a pink cowboy princess (or was it a Rodeo Queen?) hat. Afterwards, the people in the shop gave Emory a pin that declared him an honorary citizen of Disneyland.

I think this should be my new blogger image.

Well, Rachel, we had more than enough fun for you... and I'm surprised you couldn't hear the concert from Texas!

It thrills me that she appears to be paler than I am. That gives me hope that I, too, can be like Gwen Stefani when I grow up.

It was this little Harajuku girl's birthday. She had a sign in the crowd and everything. AND a little cardboard key attached to her back. Now, all I need is three other girls and I will be set for Japan!

Seriously. I could have held auditions. There were that many kids under 15 there.

Watch an under ten minute version of the concert! (From Fresno, as no one seems to have their LA stuff up.)


Karen Mahoney said...

I love, LOVE your photos! Thanks for sharing. So nice to see you enjoying yourself! And you look ever so pretty in these pics. :)Also, I think Rachel O. looks a bit like a young Meryl Streep in the birthday-hat photo...

P.S. You should definitely change your blogger image. ;)
P.P.S. 2 days to go...

Rachel said...

I love the outfit you were to the Gwen Stefani concert.

Christina said...

You posted the Hotel Terror photo! I'm blushing. I'm the only one that looks freaked out. HAAHAA! I love Jim's Princess hat and the fact we got Emory to wear a pink cowgirl hat. Rachel looks great in her birthday hat and you with Jack on your head.

That was so much fun. We should do it again.