Thursday, May 17, 2007

White Peach Kit Kats and other crimes against chocolate

See, one would expect a cherry blossom special kit kat to be...I don't know cherry flavored? No! The "Itsumo Sakura Saku mo" kit kats taste of white peaches. And it is not good. While the Hokkaido Milk white kit kats are most delicious, this means a 50/50 chance the infamous green tea kit kat will not be tasty. That would be a bad thing, as I bought a snack-pack of them to share at the next movie night. Along with those hysterical chocolate mushrooms. Only these look like they have corn flake crunchies or something in them. And mango pocky.

Sorry, guys, it's going to be a night of experimenting on our poor Western taste buds.

Oh. So I finished typing up the mess of an attempt at a draft of chapter 19 that I did over the plane. Clearly it was a sign from the gods when my pen ran out during the first portion of it. "STOP YOU ARE MAKING A MESS OF THIS." I'll just keep writing and see if I can salvage something of use from it all later.

Postcards should have arrived...I've heard from Karen in the UK and Karen in the US that they did.

You wanna see some of my swag?


Rachel said...

"You wanna see some of my swag?"

Yeah, baby!

Karen Mahoney said...

Of course! :)

Rachel said...

Weighing in on the kitkats - I like the milk, but I think the green tea is better. Milk/white reminds me of White Rabbit taffy. Good, but again - green tea - yum!