Thursday, July 26, 2007

Being your own Head Cheerleader

I've been thinking about our dear Rachels—yes, plural, we've got at least two of them. See, there was a post on Rachel O's blog about how we writers have to be our own cheerleaders, and after considering what has happened with Rachel V, I'd like to expand on this cheerleader notion.

We are our own head cheerleader, if you follow. Yes, our success and careers are in our hands. We are writing the words. We are querying the agents, editors, etc. How far we travel on our writing path is up to us, because we decide when we are finished.

However, every headcheerleader has a squad—it is with their help that she does the routines. Think about it. You have a squad, too. There are people who want you to succeed. You make the routine, and they will follow your lead.

Who knows the power of words better than us? Talk about your writing with enthusiasm and confidence—choose your words as carefully as you would construct a character's line of dialogue or a beautiful line of description.


Rachel said...

How true and how are you doing with your squad? ;-)

Karen Mahoney said...

Yep. This is absolutely spot on. I'm so happy to have you, Rachel O., Rhona and a couple of others in *my* squad! :)

Rachel said...

Yeah - we're good for each other.

c.rooney said...

My squard are doing well. :)

Rachel Vincent said...

I think this is the first time I've ever been called a cheerleader. ;-)