Thursday, August 16, 2007

It doesn't mean you're dead when you don't update your blog, it means you're happily lost

More than once this week, I've put fingers to keys to leave some kind of writing in the cyber-sand, a fleeting impression that I WUZ HERE.

There was something poignant that I intended to say, but faced with the decision to place the words within easy reach of the waves, I faltered. Hesitated. Said "oh fuck it, I'd rather write more of that chapter."

Don't you love the way paper feels beneath your fingertips, and the sound of a ballpoint pen rolling vividly colored ink on those lower opacity lines? It's like drinking sunlight.

I have been drunk on it as of late, and the words are sometimes messy, or flawed, but so often they flow and bubble and run in complex sentences. Which overrun the banks and spill down your arm to the page, and the words tumble, and blur, and suddenly you've gone over the fall and landed with a cold, slap of a shock somewhere else.

As you pull yourself up to the shore, the current still tugging at your limbs, you stand dripping, gasping, and wondering where it is you've been taken. Some new uncharted territory? Or a place you had almost forgot existed?

Congratulations to Rachel O, who won a 500 word myspace challenge this week. I send this with flashes off a mirror, before consulting the compass whose points read Beginning, End, Here, Not Here,and stumbling deeper in the woods of rust colored trees.

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Rachel said...

Sounds like you're having lots of fun!