Sunday, August 05, 2007


Sometimes a picture makes something more real by providing a concrete visual. We use photographs to mark events—to document that they really happened, as if we can't trust our memories.

Memories can do something more than just a picture, because a memory has a scent, a taste, an emotion. Can an image really do 1000 words justice? 1000 sensual, beautiful, artistically crafted words will paint you a picture—give you a snapshot.

Sometimes you know that scent, that taste, that emotion. You can bring it to the image you see, and feel the flush of excitement and bubbling over of joy. The sense of accomplishment and the prickling at the corners of your eyes that forewarns of impending tears of happiness. How itchy your nose gets, as the world sharpens with a twist of the lens, its focus too perfect, too clear.

The Buddha says if you are on the right path all you have to do is keep walking forward. Pen to paper. Fingers to keyboard. Walk with words, one chapter at a time. Some days the wind is at your back, and the sun warms your face. Some nights the moon guides your steps, and the spheres sing to keep you company. On others the winter is cold, and the snow is deep. The rain goes on, and the road is steep, and the gravel slips and slides beneath your feet.

Just keep walking.

Your heart knows the way.


Rachel said...

That is a lovely picture and a lovelier essay on possibilities.

Rachel Vincent said...


Karen Mahoney said...

What a beautiful piece of writing, Chandra. Thanks for sharing. And congrats again! Great photo... ;)

Rachel Vincent said...

Oh, and I got your postcard in the mail the other day. Thank you! It's beautiful!

Christina said...

I'm so happy for you! This is wonderful.