Thursday, September 27, 2007

It has been a Seven of Wands week. Perhaps even a Seven of Wands month. I am holding firm, but I am so looking forward for a chance to catch my breath. Since early in September I have felt like I'm in a bobsled. It zips along the ice walls increasing in speed instead of slowing, and all I can do is grip the handles and hold on tightly.

That's the thing with a bobsled—that speed and dizzying lurch of motion is enthralling. It makes you spin and laugh out loud at first. It fills you with triumph and excitement, and you glow so brightly the cold can't touch you. Other twists and mad turns, you wish you could yell "STOP!" and get off. It's safer with your feet on the ground.

The thought of stopping crossed my mind yesterday—doubt, fear, uncertainty of where the precarious ice track might lead. If you've had an untrustworthy partner before, it makes you hesitate.

But it is a Seven of Wands week, and the Seven of Wands holds firm, stands tall, and keeps going.

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Karen Mahoney said...

Keep on hanging in there; that bobsled is taking you someplace wonderful! The Seven of Wands encourages you to stand firm, yes, but also to take back control and acknowledge that victory is just around the corner. :)