Friday, September 21, 2007

Last night I met coyote

Last night I met coyote while walking home from The Grove.

Standing on the sidewalk, the absurdity of seeing him run across the pavement had silenced conversation, I watched as he turned down Oakwood and passed us. My body followed his movement, as my feet pursued what seemed impossible. Not a dog—no the ears and face are wrong. Not a fox—no, too large.

Coyote. Alone, as I usually am when walking, and traveling down the middle of Oakwood avenue.


"Get out of the road," I say.

He stops and looks at me.

The lights grow closer.

"Get out of the middle of the road." I wave my hand, gesturing.

He continues to watch me.

"Go on." I keep shooing. "Get out of the road. There's a car coming."

He goes.

The car turns, its twin lamps vanish before it can get close enough to witness this moment of nature reclaiming Los Angeles.

When Katy and I reach the corner and cross Oakwood, coyote has gone, too.


Rachel said...

The Trickster, the Fool, the Raven has returned to your life. And you acknowledged and engaged it.

Watch out........

Rachel said...

And you know, Sherman Alexie just came out with a new novel. He'd like your story, I bet.