Friday, October 26, 2007

FM radio

Created from a prompt for a writing exercise.

I am FM, but sometimes my station gets garbled as another louder one swallows your attention. You’ll have to fine-tune, and sometimes that can only be done with an increment by increment knob. SEEK will miss the signal.

The detriment of this being in our hurry-rush-right-now-world, is the art of fine-tuning has been lost to the need to keep a hand free for the cellphone.

I have long sets of music, where they go uninterrupted. No talking, no commercials. Just the music that you forgot you enjoyed drumming the steering wheel to, and dancing in your car like you’d just gotten your license.

When there are commercials, I promise the sponsors are worth paying attention to, because they’ve been shifted from the chaff.

There are no shock-jocks, no personalities who thrive on cruelty. Just people who love the music like you do, their headsets around their necks as they flip dials, fade in one song as the other ends.

Yes, I take requests, but only during certain shows.

The truth is, I was a DJ—but it wasn’t AM or FM. It was high school—we were plugged into the PA system.

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