Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Scattered thoughts

Today I erased the pencil-filled circles that created eyes for my daruma. The marks that had signified my earnest effort to rewrite the manuscript to represent my increase in skill level had fulfilled my goal are gone. Now there is a single, darker pencil-filled circle. It is the beginning of my new goal, to complete the redraft.

These two lines are floating in my brain:

Did you eat smarties when you were younger and feel
disappointed that all the colors tasted the same?

I met my deadline to deliver desktops and icons to, and I apologize if I've completely forgotten to mention that I volunteered for the graphic designer job. It seemed like the right thing to do—I enjoyed Melissa Marr's novel, and I think my fellow fans deserve pretty things.

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Rachel said...

Oh, you Dalmatian Herder, you!