Friday, October 26, 2007

Manuscripts are children

I do not have children, but having been employed working with them, I can only guess that writing manuscripts is a great deal like being a single parent. Oh there can be additional caretakers brought in to assist, but the development of the child is really in the hands of Mommy or Daddy.

Single-child families are in fashion right now—one property that gets all of Mommy's love and attention, and the rest of caregivers lavish it with gifts and encouragement.

Come November the dynamic of my manuscript family is going to change. The eldest, entering that senior year, will hopefully be on his path towards college and moving out on his own, and all the little hiccups that come with leaving home for the first time. Only, he has to contend with the newest addition to the family, which as all youngest children, thinks she should have all of mommy's attention because she needs it most. She will be the child who demands ice cream NOW, and throws a little fit when I tell her to wait until after her elder brother is finished studying for his English exams.

Then there's the work-for-hire foster child. Not really all mine, but looking for a home and trusting that I won't let the selfish little NaNo snot kick it to the curb while I was coaxing the eldest through those first job interviews.

Oh, and NaNo's a darling, not even started in the world and already showing promising by kicking a lot. People want to buy her baby clothes and rattles and ask when they can hold her.

What about you? Is yours a single-child family, or are you finding a balance between siblings?

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Rachel said...

Mummy's ignoring her children for a bit whilst indulging in chocolate.