Monday, October 15, 2007

The strange sickness I've contracted appears to be moving into a different stage--while my hacking has subsided, I'm still reduced to mouth-breathing. For some reason I've always found mouth-breathers to be rude, but that could be because when you exhale through your noise, it doesn't carry the smell of what you've eaten since you last waged war against the bacteria in your mouth with it.

On a unrelated note of oddness, my aunt informed me last night that I was on TV. Apparently the camera man who I was diligently ignoring didn't get the hint and still filmed part of my conversation with Brian Hades on Saturday afternoon. The editing crew did, however, thankfully decide that what we were speaking about wasn't the business of the whole of Alberta, and the shot was voiced-over by a reporter or the anchor. (THANK YOU.)

The only reason I can think of why anyone would want to film me would have been a "and look, people who aren't dressed like Klingons attend these things, too!"

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Rachel said...

Or it could have been the pretty girl talks to Book Publisher factor.