Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pure Speculation III

The ticking of the clock is one of the most bothersome noises. Who thought it a wise idea to create a beast that so callously reminds us second by second that we're waiting?

There is an abundance of clocks that tick within my parents home, and I wonder if this could be a contribution to my impatience.

Kamloops is grounding and peaceful and home. It soothes my nerves, the mountains and rivers a tonic for anxieties and doubts. I'm leaving now, going to Edmonton, without having fully resolved what generated my need for grounding.

Things are wonderful. Life is great. I feel like the Fool, one foot poised to start forward on the new journey. Only there's bubbling and brewing and simmering on the stove at home, and I'm learning to trust the new chef that there will be a five course dinner when I return.

Fun is to be had this weekend, as I'll be attending Pure Speculation III. The wonderful people of Edge and ON SPEC will be there, and I look forward to meeting new Albertan writing friends who will cram into a police box with me. (Yes, I realize I just outed myself by correcting the commercial.)


Rachel said...

Maybe it's time to leave LA. Or maybe you just needed your touchstone.

voxman said...

You might want to check out the book A Sideways Look At Time by Jay Griffiths. She has an obvious axe to grind with Western Culture and patriarchy (which she grants waaaay too much power - see Ken Wilbur on that subject, as in the beginning of A Brief History of Everything).

C.Rooney said...

Thank you, Voxman, that sounds very interesting.