Sunday, October 14, 2007

Well, Pure Speculation III was interesting. I would have to say Peter Watts was the most interesting part, but meeting Diane Walton and Danielle from ON SPEC was also a lot of fun.

Diane encouraged me to send more things to ON SPEC, and I'm encouraged to know that the next "right" story has a door to knock on first.

I went out for dinner on Saturday night, and was given some great advice on how to do a simple outline to prepare for NaNo. That's right, after meeting all these Canadians who did the 3 day novel challenge and emerged successful, I feel it's time I tackled the 50K challenge.

I'm grateful to all the wonderful and fun Albertans I met over the weekend, and look forward to seeing most of them at World Fantasy 2008 in Calgary.

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Rachel said...

Well that sounds like it went real well!