Monday, November 19, 2007

Break out the Champagne Pt 2

Marie Brennan and I are in the Fall 2007 issue of ON SPEC magazine.

You can order it here. It's ON SPEC Fall 2007 Vol. 19 No. 3 #70.

You can see the ToC, which caused me to squeal like a fangirl, here. (I'm happy about the excerpt line they chose, and being in the same issue as Marie Brennan, because she's fantastic.)

You can read the contributor biographies here.

I will soon be giving away a signed copy, so stayed tuned for more details. If you aren't on blogger, don't fret, as I will likely give one away on Good Karma closer to Christmas.


Danne Cole said...

So very cool, Chandra!!! :) Congrats again! I will be ordering my copy asap! :)

Rachel said...

Whoohooo! As soon as I am solvent, I am SO ordering a copy and then marching it over to your house to have you sign it!