Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Holidays are Here

Please note there will be no literary value to this post whatsoever. Thank you.

Behold my mighty holiday cupcake army.

They were to shop for gifts, write cards, wrap presents, decorate the house, and plan my holiday party.

However, they are being eaten. One by one, my helpers' numbers decrease. Most distressing.

With gift lists to make, holiday writer parties to plan, and things—some of them waiting since May—to be mailed out, the NaNoWriMo has been rather dead in the water these past few days. I have so much to celebrate this year, especially after the way last Christmas was a rough patch thanks to all those too quickly returned "no thank yous" from agents. Can I express my relief at not being stuck in a slush pile during the holiday season? (Trust me. Waiting for four month to get a "sorry, not this time" stings.)

For those of you waiting on that request or all-important yes during this season, I offer you one of the remaining fat-free chocolate-iced soldiers. You deserve it.


Sarah Kimberly said...

We got lots of snow yesterday, and most of it is still out on the ground today. I imagine there will plenty of seasonal whiteness up this way for your tastes :)

Christina said...

Yeah, I'm feeling the strain. One query letter out and one rejection letter sent back. I'll take that little fat-free chocolate-iced soldier now.

Karen Mahoney said...

I'm not submitting anything yet, but can I have one of those soldiers anyway? Please..? ;)

Rachel said...

Haha! I love the disclaimer and yes, I'll take a little chocolate peppermint soldier there to bolster my ego!


JohnEvans said...

Hey, can I have your current address so I can send you a Christmas card, I mean a fillinyourappropriateholidayhere card? Let me know. ;)