Thursday, December 06, 2007

Author's note for "The Rainy Season"

Why hello my foul-mouthed little story. I see stumbling off into the world brought you home. In a publication, no less.

(Please stop eating poor Aki-kitsu. She was not rescued from that stall in Fushimi to survive the bullet-train ride back to Tokyo and the trans-Pacific flight so she could be eaten by a speculative fiction magazine. Oh, wait. She might be reading said magazine., that fox is small.)

I wanted to say something profound, or at least inspiring, but I feel too humbled by sharing a ToC with Leah Bobet and Marie Brennan.

So instead, I'll tell you the story of "The Rainy Season." In November 2005, my maternal great-grandmother died. She was the first death of someone very close to me, and three days after her death, I wrote the draft of this short story. A month later, in December 2005, my paternal grandmother died.

Those two deaths provided the emotion and some of the character traits for the story. There seemed, at the time, a definite connection between how helpless and angry we feel when someone we love dies with the feeling of how helpless and angry I felt sometimes while living in Japan. How you want to rage against the world for seeming to ignore how hurt you are, and how important unexpected kindness becomes.

The temple, if you're wondering, belongs to the Kannon, the goddess of mercy and compassion—She who Hears the Prayers of the world. I didn't put it in the story because there's no way the narrator could have known that.

As for the clunkiness, the profanity, and the lack of a setting... well, my little story, your author has been working hard at her craft. I'll do better next time.


Karen Mahoney said...

Aki looks like she's really enjoying it! ;) Cute pic!

Congrats, again.

Christina said...

Cute picture! So does this mean your magazine is out? YEAH!

Rachel said...

I finally got around to ordering my copy! Yay, you!

Rachel said...

Dropping by to wish everyone a very Merry Yule and Happy New Year!