Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 slipped with a languid grace into 2008, no fanfare or fireworks to mark her passing. It was as if she had dozed in the sun and woken to find the rest of the world declared itself to have changed, but no visible signs of metamorphosis existed.

A puzzling thing to be sure.


Reviewing 2007, it was one of endings and beginnings, even more so than most years. A year of ever-shifting transitions: dawn and dusk long as day and night, day and night those brief resting periods between the transformations. The days were blinding, the nights were cold, and the times between a tossing sea. Leaving me to find my sea-legs on an ocean of shuddering asphalt.

I learned that goals shift and change. We can find things by going at them from the side—not the way we intended, but the way that we needed. Also, that our happiness is in our hands, and what makes us happy is not necessarily what others think will make us happy. It is difficult for those who dwell outside our heads to taste and feel our happiness, and that is why we have to express what we want.

I found the rejection letter I received on my query to Agent M in November 2006, and showed it to those who live with me. Less than a year after this letter, I said, I was signed with her.

Could I have imagined last year, so burnt out and ready to quit, that this year would see me poised to complete the second draft of a new manuscript, while mediating at the voices chanting sequel! or demanding my attention for other projects?

I have no resolutions. Instead, I open my arms and say delight me, world.

Do your best. I'll do mine.


Christina said...

Happy New Year. I hope it was enjoyable.

KT said...

Another very very lovely post.

Hope you had a good one, and all the best for the year ahead. I know you're going to shine. :)

Karen Mahoney said...

What a great post. I love reading these - so beautifully written. :)