Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Difficulty doesn't apply

So it passes without fanfare or drama, a simple sending of an email, the subject: [Manuscript Title.] An attached file representing a process and path that I have been diligently walking for three years. Oh wow, I just realized it was two years ago I finished my first manuscript, what I thought was ready for publication. (It so wasn't—only Rachel Vater thought it might be, and she didn't end up requesting it.)

Yes, writing is work, but when you love your job, nothing is difficult. You will put in the time, you will make the sacrifices, and you will sweat and bleed, because it's what you want to do. Ease does not come at the removal of effort from the equation. Ease comes from living in the moment of each breath you take.

You gotta make the effort—and keep making it. Yes, writing is natural as breathing, but take any yoga or core training class, and you'll find you spent most of your life breathing incorrectly. At first it feels odd, letting someone tell you how to fill your lungs, but it makes a difference.

There's only so far we can take our writing on our own. That's why there are classes, groups, critique partners, agents, and editors. It's so we can keep learning. Keep bettering our writing.

Keep breathing.

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