Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trees in the Desert

Created from a prompt for a writing exercise.

It's a place of history. Culture and traditions sunk deep into time. The people seem rough and weather worn, but they are a sturdy society.

Cut open their cities and you'll find more rings than you can number. They stretch across the desert country, each settlement an oasis in the dunes providing shade from sun and shelter from sandstorms.

Their rich, green clothing flutters in the winds, the ones that come from the west and tease with the salted whispers of a distant ocean.

Their language runs thick from one end of the sand to the other. It flows up through history, their words largely unchanged since brush went to papyrus sheaf.

Stretching with new growth and the thrill of seeking a different sky, a child travels across the border. A rare desert flower struggles to bloom in the snow-covered mountains.

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