Sunday, January 06, 2008

With the completion of the second draft of my adult manuscript—and knowing that a redraft will be required before Agent M can see it—I've been thinking about the deadlines we give ourselves, and the various reasons we do or don't meet those dates. A lot of it has nothing to do with the writing, but the perception of the writing or the actions that follow completing something.

Someone mentioned recently the notion of being "good enough" to write the idea. Like an idea gets to claim it will be better than anything else we think of in the future, so it ought to have precedence over those possibilities.

That got me thinking about goals, and how we're all supposed to make lists of them around this time of year. If 2007 was about achieving those "items" that give birth to a career, then 2008 is about doing the work that raises the resulting baby.

Consisting of writing. A lot of it.

1. Redraft the adult MS in response to CP comments and my reading notes.
2. Complete contract work while having as much fun with it as I can.
3. Complete the YA project that was started in November and had to be set aside for later.
4. Complete the longer short story that was started last summer, polish it, and submit it.
5. Write more than one of the short story ideas I've been stockpiling.
6. Write the MS for the second adult book.

Time to go outline that YA book.

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Karen Mahoney said...

Great goals - I know you'll achieve them, while remaining flexible enough to welcome other opportunities if/when they come up! :)