Thursday, February 21, 2008

Every year that I watch American Idol, I find myself comparing it to the query process. Only so much crueler, because it's all "live" on TV and show to "millions" of viewers.

There's usually a few singers that I feel it should make it to the top 12, or a couple that I feel strongly enough to vote for. This year, I am putting my support behind Ramiele Malubay. I like Alaina Whitaker, Brooke White, and Asia'h Epperson, but I've felt compelled to vote for Ramiele since the auditions. I am fascinated by her voice (and her hair.)

Does she sound a little like Utada Hikaru to anyone else? (Note to self, get the Heart Station album when it comes out in mid-March, because this song is brilliant.)

Perhaps if Ramiele could sing Boulevard of Broken Dreams, I could know for certain, because as much as I would love it and it would get Remiele all the AsianPop votes she could handle, I don't think she can sing Simple and Clean on American Idol.

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