Monday, February 25, 2008

The Gothic & Lolita Bible launch party

February 23, 2007
Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles

This Saturday, while most of the city prepared for the Academy Awards—complete with the madness that is Oscar Weekend—several fashion enthusiasts gathered in Little Tokyo to celebrate the launch of the English Gothic & Lolita Bible, the defining mook (magazine/book) for Gothic & Lolita fashion and lifestyle.

The insanity of Oscar Weekend in Los Angeles explains why Christina and I were late to arrive to the event, as I'd forgotten and gone to the Hollywood & Highland metro station instead of the Hollywood & Vine station.

We arrived in time to find that Hello Kitty Bingo was already in progress. The editors of the magazine participated by showing their love of Lolita style, while calling out the numbers. The contributing editor, in the black dress, had a great wig that gave her super fun hair. The senior editor was working a classy take on the style, which made her stand out from all the jumper-dress clad lolitas. Notice they are both wearing boots, which adds a little more sophistication.

Hello Kitty Bingo is played by pressing tabs to mark your progress on cardboard bingo cards adorned with Sanrio's Hello Kitty doing various cute things. She and a rabbit are eating ice cream or something equally adorable on this card, which turned out not to be a winner. This greatly disappointed me, as I wanted to win a copy of the magazine.

The snacks, however, were delicious, and greatly appreciated by Christina. Her favorite was the cookie and the strawberry lemonade.

After Hello Kitty Bingo finished, it began to rain in earnest, which sent everyone scattering under the awnings for shelter. In the photo above you can see one of those pretty parasols being put to use as a rain umbrella.

Christina posed with a collection closest to us. The girls third from the left and on the far right are two of the bingo prize winners. The woman second from the right is the mother of the girl with the pink wig. Lolita style isn't limited—it appeals to many! As you can see in this photo, there's a diversity of the Lolita style that allows individuals to express themselves while displaying the fashion's unifying characteristics—lace, bows, and cute.

When it became clear the rain wasn't going to let up, most of the Lolitas (and us) headed into Kinokuniya, where it was much warmer. Although this is the busiest I have seen Kinokuniya, we were able to locate a copy of the mook and purchase it with ease.

Overall, it was a fun event that appeared to successfully promote the mook to its target audience. We enjoyed seeing the loligoth fashions and playing Hello Kitty Bingo, despite the rain. Everyone was very friendly, including the amiable staff of the mook and Kinokuniya. Hopefully the English version of the publication will enjoy great success, so TOKYOPOP can hold more Gothic & Lolita events.


Anonymous said...

Neat. I had no idea gothic could be!

Chandra Rooney said...

The pink girls are mostly Sweet Lolitas, I think.

Baraness said...


You look stunning!!!

Christina said...

It was raining on my cookie. *sniff sniff* Other than that, I had a blast.

Rachel said...

I LOVE pink Goth!