Monday, February 25, 2008

Style Check from the Strawberry Carpet

In honor of the Oscars and their infamous red carpet, let's take a closure look at some of the fashions worn to the Gothic & Lolita launch party. I warn you now, I have been watching far too much Project Runaway lately.

The Lolita on the right is wearing a charming Alice in Wonderland-inspired dress. While I can't help but wonder if blue-stripped socks may have been the better choice, her pop of color red shoes add a bold touch that coordinates well with her jacket. The lolita on the left's cardigan and boots dress down her skirt, making this more of an everyday loli-look that would be suitable for a variety of occasions.

This group of ladies runs the Lolita style gauntlet. The tartan lace-up dress is flattering fit, and I love the black and pink patterned dress on the far right. Both of these dresses stand out in a crowd. My favorite is the red and strawberry pink dress with its kimono-like top. A wrap shirt with a waist defining belt is a flattering mainstream style that works well on a variety of body types.

How cute are those accessories? The strawberry shortcake and black heart bags add interest and personality to their outfits without straying from the individual look's overall aesthetic.

This pink number has a lot going on—ruffle, ribbon and bow details. Since it's all one color, it looks lavish and ornate. The lace trimmed bloomers add to the Rococo feel, and the heart handbag is very cute. This is a serious Lolita, she's considered her hair and make-up, too.

Here's a closer look at the editor's outfit, as she poses with Christina. As you can see, the white and black lace skirt by Candy Violet has an iconic look. This piece is a versatile design—one that could be dressed up or down depending on what's paired with it. (You look good, too, Christina! It's bad we can see your great boots.)

My choice for best dressed. Let's talk lolipunk, first. Not only is she put-together, her hair and make-up reflect the style of her skirt and jacket. Some of the Lolitas looked "dressed up," but I believe in this girl's style. It's authentic and you can picture her standing in line at the grocery store, too.

Our more classic Lolita has a unique pattern that is nostalgic without being too cutesy. Plus, her brown and white houndstooth coat made her the chicest girl at the event. With the coat and bag, her look is accessible and enviable—even to mainstream fashionistas.


Christina said...

It was really crowded in the book store once it started raining. Everyone had such a great time.

Rachel said...

I loved looking through those pictures. If you ever subscribe to that zine I may need to borrow it.

a cat of impossible colour said...

What a fantastic style aesthetic. I wish people here in Christchurch were more adventurous ... for the most part it's black, black and more black.